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Beginning a new spin off series after the events in Peter the Wolf...

Life was supposed to get better for Alice Culpepper after Peter Holmes turned himself over to the FBI, but growing up and moving on has only become more difficult in his absence. It's hard enough being the only lycanthrope in Dallas, but Alice also suffers harassment and bullying from other students and lectures from her extended family about the behavior of "good girls." The local weredog council views her as a threat to their community for corrupting Robbie Matheson, and one of her mother's co-workers drafts her to babysit Brandon Butler, who sees Alice lose control during her first bout of lunar madness.

Adding to Alice's problems, another werewolf has come to town with unknown intentions, and all she knows is that this new arrival is from the same bloodline. The weredog elders want her to find the wolf and learn their intentions, her parents expect her to set a good example for Brandon despite her increasingly violent urges, and Robbie confesses that he's still in love with her and wants to be more than just friends. It’s enough stress to send even a normal human howling at the moon.

Hoping to vent some aggression in a healthy way, Alice tries out for the football team and finds surprising acceptance from the jocks and cheerleaders. With her school and social life improving, all she needs is time to sort out her future. Unfortunately for her, the wolf she's seeking knows secrets about her family that could expose her to the humans and force her into war against an army of lycanthropes. Can Alice maintain her truce with the weredogs, prevent a werewolf war, and still find time to finish her homework?

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