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Ok, so I want to start out by saying I don't want to discount what Douglas Wilson has done for education and that I basically wouldn't have a job if not for the movement he has done so much to advance.
I was pretty unimpressed with a lot of this book. I have decided my feelings on Wilson are pretty similar to my feelings on Ayn Rand: I really like a lot of his ideas, he just takes them too far. I also feel like he likes pushing the envelope; that's not necessarily a bad thing. I just always get the feeling he's not happy unless he offends someone.

Some of the essays in this book were spot-on.His critiques of the state of American education are much appreciated.I was planning on giving this my top-of-the-bell-curve three star rating: not amazing, but enjoyable.There was one particular essay though that had so many factual errors I immediately lowered my mental rating. The essay dealt with science and math.He makes it clear that he is not a scientist or a mathematician, however I feel like in that case you must be extra careful about what you are saying.Relativity does not postulate five dimensions and colors of light do not mix the same way as colors of pigment. So I thought that was sloppy.

If you are in classical education (or interested in it), you should probably read this book.There are a lot of valuable insights in it. He just happened to hit on one of my pet peeves...

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