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This book is an excellent way to teach children about many things, such as, not to show off, not to make your friends look bad and above all always speak the the truth. Gemma's friend always showed off in front of Gemma about all the good things she had and Gemma would lie that she has the same things just to fit in with her friend. Gemma's friend tried to teach Gemma a lesson so she invented a lie detector. She tested it on Gemma and the truth came out that Gemma did not have all the good things she was she had. However, something went wrong with the lie detector and it started to work on its own. Gemma started to tell the truth that she hated being her friend because all she did was show off and make Gemma feel little. The whole lie detector invention backfired and Gemma's friend started to feel really bad and sorry. In the end they became friends again and learnt their lesson. Gemma promised never to lie again and Gemma's friend promised never to show off again.
This is a good story that can be read to KS1/KS2. It can be done as whole class or then group reading. Children can be asked questions alongside the story being read, as to, is it good to lie, how do you think Gemma or her friend are feeling etc, etc.
The book teaches about friendship and how friends should be there for each other and not make each other feel bad. This story is something children can relate to and can be used as a tool to teach them about the importance of being yourself, not to show off, to speak the truth and to be a sincere friend.

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