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I bought this advice for aging graciously book by Joan Collins expecting the appealing mixture of glitz and camp one associates with the great lady, but it was actually really insightful and I was pleasantly shocked at how feminist her sensibilities are. The overall idea here is that we're all getting older, and you can accept that but still live a great life and be healthy without getting really compulsive about it.

I also was amazed at how totally not neurotic her relationship advice was. A lot of advice books for women have really bogus tips for finding a man if you're single that are insulting because most of the time they don't work (has anyone in the history of womankind ever met a man at a museum? I ask you) and the implication is that no matter how content you are to be single you have to be hunting for a dude lest your life be incomplete and people secretly make fun of you or think you're gross and weird. Joan Collins essentially says, if you meet a guy, good for you. If not, move on with your life. I found this a lot more sensible and emotionally healthy than books that say "the trick is to NOT look for a man and then he'll show up!" You can feel secure in the knowledge that Joan Collins has your back if you're over 40 and not married.

Lest you think this book is just Joan Collins taking you on a journey of empowerment, there's advice on makeup, fashion, and nutrition as well. This was written in the early 90s, so you get the incredible experience of seeing her criticize heroin chic and grunge. Also, the book is full of amazing photographs, my favorite of which shows her wearing a patchwork apron while cutting up citrus fruits for fresh juice in her kitchen. There are also insanely opulent workout in black nylons and matching leotard glamourshots that filled me with joy. The only time the "crazy famous person who doesn't know they're crazy" phenomenon rears its head is some pretty questionable advice for crash diets, such as an all apple diet where you consume the core and seeds along with the fruit. But I liked this about ten thousand times more than I expected to.

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