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Just spent a thoroughly enjoyable Sunday afternoon immersed in Primula Bond's tales of 'Sisters in Sin'. I didn't know what to expect from this book, as it wasn't recommended to me, and I wasn't familiar with Primula's work before. I pretty much picked this book out of a hat...and I'm so glad I did!Those of you who've read The Harward Girls will know that I'm a sucker for a story that revolves around a highly conservative institution, which then falls victim to the most deliciously depraved acts of lust. Something about the corruption of the the sanctified (and the sanctimonious) along with the toppling of authority gets me ridiculously hot.And Primula's Santa Maria Convent doesn't disappoint, delivering corruption and depravity by the bucket load! But what makes 'Sisters in Sin' such a joy to read is that it's so cleverly put together.At it's heart, it is really a tale of unrequited love, wonderfully woven into a fabric of BDSM, corporal correction, orgiastic celebration, and the most celestial orgasms.

The story is set in Venice, a place that is very close to my heart. Indeed, the inspiration for The Harward Girls also came from there. It must be something about La Serenissima that fills the mind with visions of beauty and turmoil, longing and lust.Ms. Bond's descriptions of Venice are both realistic and magical at the same time, and she takes us through a city that is as modern as it is classical, and as urban as it is mythic.

There's a couple of points where Sisters loses just a little bit of ground, but they really are minor.There are just a few plot turns that seem a little too quick and convenient, and a little bit rushed.But I suppose they only stand out because the rest of the book is so good, flowing so effortlessly as we engage with the once pragmatic Jennifer Coombs as she swirls through her Venetian odyssey. Also, there is a lovely little twist at the end but, like some of the plot turns, it felt just a little bit hurried and tacked on. It's a dramatic conclusion, which left me with goosebumps on my neck. But it would've been nice to see some hints at this conclusion when one thinks back on the book as a whole, and just a touch more development building up to that idea.

But I can't stress enough that these are minor points. Primula is a fabulous writer whose Sisters in Sin made a Sunday afternoon most unexpectedly hot, and I will be caressing her digital pages again in the very near future!

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