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So I do like the time spent in Israel in this book, and the fact that it is very un-cliched time, as it is set after the Crusades, but they are still fairly recent events, so you get a little drama from Middle Eastern relations.However, as I think always shows the mark of a good author, there is no "us" and "them".There are good guys and bad guys, race doesn't make you either.This aspect is only a very small portion of the book, though, so don't go into it expecting a deep philosophical work.

In other matters, Thomas and Katherine seem to finally be getting over their trust issues at the begining of this book and starting to make progress towards their common goal.However, someone makes a stupid, obvious mistake which shatters the new understanding and has Thomas going solo again for a good bit of the book. (This plot development really irks me, because this story is supposed to be about intelligent people, and it's such an obvious mistake and Thomas' next action just makes it worse instead of seeking to resolve it.)

As for the main plot of Merlin vs. Druid and re-taking Magnus, things continue to develope, betrayals occur, a villan re-imerges, but progress is made.

As I mentioned earlier, the trust issues in this book, after lingering from the last four, start to really irritate me, but that is honestly my only difficulty with the story development and progress is made in that area of the story by the end of the book as well.

Content wise still pretty clean, people do die, generally through violence, though it isn't graphic violence.No problems with language, and only kissing sensuality-wise.

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