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PUBLISHER: R.H., we just got done reading your new book, and I have to say, bravo. This is your best one yet! The young boys of 1958 are going to love it. Heck, I love it. The whole setup was so clever, with the boy entering a jingle-writing contest for soap to win a trip to the moon? My wife really got a kick out of that — i told her about it when she was washing dishes last night and she couldn't stop laughing! She sure does love soap commercials.

And having the boy win a spacesuit instead of the grand prize — genius! It really makes it exciting when he turns out to have an adventure anyway. Who would guess a spaceship would land right in his back yard? And piloted by a little girl on the run from Martians? Brilliant! You want to put a girl in there so to keep the women's movement off our backs, but she's still young enough to be a bratty kid so we don't have to worry about the sex. Lemme tell you, I am sick to death of hearing about all the sex corrupting our kids these days.

The parts with the evil aliens are real good, real exciting. And how you made running out of air a big drama — I never would have thought of that, not being able to breathe on the moon! You sure think up some nutty stuff. And the intergalactic trials and the telepathic cat creature... well, you know your plot, why am I telling you?

There's just one thing: can you put in some math? We know what sells, and let me tell you, there is nothing boys like better than reading about math!

HEINLEIN: Uh, yeah, I can put in some math. You still pay me by the word, right?

PUBLISHER: You betcha, Bob.

HEINLEIN: Yeah, I think you are right, I think math needs to be a big, big part of this story.

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