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this one opens with dawn thinking about how weird people get over their pets. she describes mary anne holding tigger the wonder kitten up to get kisses from dawn, & while she is babysitting for the barretts that afternoon, mrs. mancusi (she of the home zoo featured in book #22, jessi ramsey, pet sitter) strolls by, chattering away at her dogs. dawn finds all of this very weird. dawn says that she tries to avoid mrs. mancusi because she's worried she will want to have a long talk with pow, the barretts' basset hound.

at the babysitters club meeting, mrs. mancusi calls about a short-term pet sitter. she & mr. mancusi decided to go out of town for a few days & they need someone to look after the menagerie. dawn is the only one free, so she grudgingly takes the job. she explains that she doesn't hate animals...she's just not crazy about them. she says that she's not a vegetarian because she feels sorry for the cows. she just doesn't like the taste of meat. who the hell doesn't like the taste of meat? okay, a lot of people. even people who eat it. but i love it.

during dawn's second day pet sitting, cheryl, the great dane, is acting desperate to go outside. she follows dawn all over the house while dawn looks after the other animals, & flips her shit when dawn uses the word "walk". so dawn decides to clip cheryl to the stake in the front yard while she finishes up with the inside animals. when she gathers up the other two dogs for a group walk & goes outside, cheryl is gone. dawn checks the clip, but everything looks fine. it looks like someone let cheryl off the clip. dawn canvasses the neighborhood & enlists the help of the other babysitters & their charges for the afternoon, but they can't find cheryl anywhere. dawn has to break the news to the mancusis when they get home.

the babysitting B-plot is that a boy in new hope coaches a softball team similar to bart's bashers & kristy's krushers, & wants to organize a game. so bart & kristy put their teams together & choose the best players to form the krashers, the stoneybrook all-star team. as softball plots in babysitters club books go, this one is pretty fucking boring, so i'm not going to waste any time on it. all that matters is that the big game is in new hope, which actually impacts the (admittedly ludicrous) A-plot.

so. dawn feels bad about cheryl going missing. she still feels bad when she attends a krashers practice a few days later. during the practice, she notices a dark green car in the parking lot. it's the same dark green car that she noticed while she was walking the mancusis' dogs on her first day. she feels creeped out & wonders what the green car is doing there.

the next thing we know, shannon, david michael's bernese mountain puppy, goes missing. of course everyone is really sad about this. kristy is even late to a babysitters club meeting because she was out looking for shannon. then dawn reads in the paper that there has been a rash of dog-nappings in various small towns near stoneybrook, & even within stoneybrook. dawn begins to wonder if the missing dogs were actually napped, which would explain why they haven't wandered home on their own.

there's also a new pet store in town, which mary anne likes to visit in order to buy new cat treats for tigger. mary anne is totally going to grow up to be that lady who has a cat mosh pit. she'll have like seventy cats & she'll just throw cat food up in the air & let the cats duke it out for nourishment. mary anne convinces dawn to go to the pet store with her, & dawn sees the car again. she becomes convinced that the car belongs to the pet napper. she gets all the babysitters on the job to ride their bikes around town & look for the green car. because it's easiest to find a moving target when you are also moving, right? anyway, somehow they find it & dawn writes down the license plate number. she then take the number & gives it to the police. the cop she talks to seems really bored & unimpressed with her efforts, but says he will call. because cops routinely call random civilians that bring in crime tips to let them know how those tips worked out? i don't think so. anyway, he doesn't call, so dawn follows up on her own, & the cop practically laughs her out of the station. turns out the car belongs to karl tate, one of the richest men in town (& the cop tells dawn this...why?). the cop is sure that there's no way karl tate is involved in any dog-napping. again...why? because rish people are always so virtuous?

dawn is disappointed, but she doesn't know what else she can do. then she gets an idea about the pet store. she, kristy, & mary anne visit the pet store. dawn makes a note of what dogs they have available, & then asks for a dog breed they don't have. the owner says they don't have that kind of dog, but maybe he can get her one if she leaves a hefty deposit. dawn says she'll ask her parents & leaves, but she actually got the information she wanted. she finds it very suspicious that the pet store seems to offer dogs to order. she says most pet shops would have recommended a breeder, or had information about specifically when to expect a certain breed of dog to be in stock. there's something fishy about this pet store.

at the krashers game in new hope, dawn is sitting in the stands when she galnces over & sees a woman in a red sweatsuit—not mrs. mancusi—walking a dog that looks a lot like cheryl, the missing great dane. dawn bolts from the stands & tracks the woman & her dog to a local field that people use as a dog run. she is sure that the dog is cheryl. she gets mary anne to stay put & keep an eye on the woman while dawn runs off to call the police. a new hope cop arrives & asks the woman how long she's had her dog, which she is calling cleo. the woman says, "about a week," & goes on to explain that she got the dog from the new pet store in stoneybrook, & "she cost the world, but she was worth it." dawn jumps into the conversation & exclaims that the dog is stolen. the woman is amazingly credulous & is all, "well, someone must really be missing this dog!" she agrees to go down to the station & the new hope cop says that she'll call dawn later with all the details. because cops do that for people that were not actually victims of any crime. oh wait, no, they don't.

anyway, after the game (the krashers won), dawn & mary anne go to the station & arrive just in time to see mrs. mancusi's joyous reunion with cheryl. shannon is there too, & david michael is stoked to see her. the cop who first dismissed dawn is there (even though he was a stoneybrook cop & i thought they were in new hope at this point) & he's all, "you were right! turns out mr. tate was stealing all these dogs! he lost a bundle in real estate & needed to make some money. he pitched the idea of a dog-stealing ring to that new pet store & they were all over it. people would request a breed & they'd go out & steal it for them. turned out they made better money doing that than running a regular pet store! but they're all locked up now & the dogs will be reunited with their owners. i don't think any more dogs are going to be stolen around here!" way to just say that all these people are guilty before there's even been a trial. what the fuck. this is not the way cops operate. whoever wrote the book even had the cop saying things like, "he lost a bundle, see." because cops talk that way. ridiculous. & the conclusion is so "why, it's old man withers from the haunted amusement park!" "& i would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you meddling kids!" the scene in which the cops stopped mr. tate & pulled off his realistic latex face mask to reveal his true identity is not in the book...but i think we can all assume that's what happened.

god, the mystery books are terrible.

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