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Losing your grip on reality is a real bummer.

Just ask Leon Blank. Not that he'd know.
Seems those losing their marbles are always the last to find out.

Until recently, Leon would have argued that a tendency to become
easily sidetracked on a regular basis wasn't that odd.
And what's so unusual about hearing a voice inside your head?
Doesn't everyone? Isn't that just thinking?
But his recent visions aren't so freely dismissed; especially the angry-
looking clown who's following him around with a baseball bat.

Time to act, Leon decides: perhaps keeping a log
will shed light on the mystery.
Then again, could 'seeing-things' just be sexual frustration?
It's been a while! If only he had a girlfriend to take his mind off stuff.

Prepare to enter the normally hidden world of delusions,
paranoia, and ... ahem ... 'unusual interests':
Voyeurism; Feederism; Shoes - that kind of thing.

'Thanks a lot, Adrian! This seriously messed with my head.'
- My sister

'Absurd, zany, funny, dark, outrageous, perverse, melon-twisting,
unpredictable. That enough? Nice one. Can I 'ave me fiver now, mate?'
- A homeless Manc

'It's like Christopher Moore and Robert Rankin had a love child,
raised it on LSD then made it write a novel.'
- Anonymous reviewer (No, really; we wouldn't make that up)

'What's your name? My name's Wayne. Do you like a book? I like a book.
If I wrote a book, I'd call it: Billy Liar meets Donnie Darko.'
- Some nutter on the tram

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