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Another excellent sexual slavery story from Lindsey Brooks.

Set in England in Regency/Victorian times, Amelia brought up as a young lady, a gentlewoman, finds her comfortable and cosseted lifestyle suddenly change fortune when her absent relative guardian Jonathanis declared dead, and courts of law give over land and goods to the abhorrent next male of kin, Victor. As Amelia is leaving, her sadistic cousin, Victor employs a twisted con trick that puts Amelia firmly in his control and power through fear, he is ably aided and abetted by his lawyer Charles and Amelia's former companion and turncoat, Judith. Systematically Amelia is reduced to a naked servant whom they control totally, including introducing her to life and training as a sex slave in the making. She is not alone, others collectively termed the bunnies, and i loved these references to the young ladies are also in their clutches.
This is no light read, it is dark, has non consensual sex, It is harsh, punishments are devised and administered one after another, at first in fear and reluctance, then bit by bit Amelia begins to accept, then embrace her new found masochism.

I disliked the sadistic lesbian character Judith intensely and do so hope retribution comes her way in the follow on novel Amelia 2 Slave of Watchnest Hall. I hope there is a happier outcome to this story than now seems apparent. I would also like fellow sadists Victor and Charles to get their just desserts but I have a feeling this won't happen and it is all tied up to the stranger in the cellar...I will soon see as I read on.

Lindsey's historical knowledge is excellent and is the conduit to carry this story that reflects its accurate detail.

This is the first of a two part story, not for the faint of heart or those not into darker aspects of BDSM.
I considered it for four and five star and to me it is better than most 4 and in the region of 4.5 stars, rounded up here to just 5.

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