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I received this book for Christmas, a sort of white elephant gift.It was written 25 years ago about events that happened 45 years ago.Still, the "Age of Aquarius" is my historical sweet spot.It consists of 10 chapters, each a series of 40 questions.You select the correct answers, check your answers, and then read a paragraph or two on the correct answer (i.e. what really happened).Each chapter is a different aspect of the 60s.I was strongest (Excellent) on the actual history of the era, background issues and so on.I was equally strong on the lifestyle chapter.My favorite quote "Girls say yes to boys who say no (to the draft)."I was pretty good (Good)on the Geography and Music of the 60s.I was only Fair at a number of other aspects.Of course, it was all a long time ago and as Robin Williams once joked: if you remember the 60s, you weren't really there.It's a fun read for those of us who lived through it and who still have some love beads somewhere.

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