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The User series became one of my "Books I cannot live without", maybe if it is somewhat arcane and impenetrable for those not in "the know" of what roleplaying games and online RPing is.

This book came to me in a time when I was very young and very confused and vulnerable, and had just discovered RPing and was starting to dabble in online gaming (I'm surprised it never got reprinted or collected in trade). It was like a breath of fresh air, dealing with the exact same issues I was going through at the time (self-worth\helplessness\finding respect and love online while remaining a nobody in real life\the duality of gaming persona-real self, and even how easily In Character affections can cross into Out of Character territory).

This mini-series is a love letter to gaming (flaws and all), especially roleplaying and online, and easily the most insightful read of the topic I've ever read. I love how it acknowledges how gaming and taking on a different persona often reveals your true self, and that someone who you know in game might be someone of a different age, appearance, or even gender in real life.

The main character is likeable, relateable, flawed and gloriously human. And the ending — oh, I love the ending and the reveal twist of the other player who comes to meet her, as well as the conversation they have.

The art shifts between two styles (with the amazing John Bolton taking on the art in the "In Game" parts) and I love them both. I particularly like the nod to how the "Real World" bit is drawn in muted browns and greys — a cold palette, and the "Game World" is in a warm one of luxurious, almost gaudy tones of greens, reds, oranges and yellows.

I reread this series every so often, making me wish there was a compiled version of it. I wish I could recommend it to everyone but I fear most (especially non gamers) will miss most of the subtext and the issues it tackles.

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