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Intercepted Letters; Or, The Twopenny Post-Bag: To Which Is Added, Trifles Reprinted - PREFACE - THE Bag, from which the following Letters are selected, was dropped by. a Twopenny Postman about two moirths since, and picked up by an emissary of the Society for the S-pp-ss-n of V-e, who, supposing it might materially assist the private researches of that institution, immediately took it to 11is employers and was rewarded handsomely for his trouble. Such a treasury of secrets was worth a whole host of informers and, accordingly, like the Cupids of the poet if I Inay use so profane a simile who fell at odds about the sweet-bag of a bee, those venerable Stlppressors almost fought with each other for the honour and delight of first ransacking the Post-Bag. Unluckily, however, it turned out upon examination, that the discoveries of profligacy which it enabled them to . make, lay chiefly in those upper regions of societ y, which their well-bred regulations forbid them to molest or meddle with.-In consequence, they gained but. very few victims by their prize, and, after lyil g fo r a meek or two under Mr. H-TCH-DS countelr, the Bag, with its violated contents, was sold for a trifle to a friend of mine. It happened that I had been just then seized with an ambition having never tried the strength of my wing. but io a Newspaper to publish something or other in the shape of a Book . and it occurred to me that, the present being silch a letter-writing era, a few, of these Twopenny Post Epistles, - turned into easy verse, mould be as light and popnlar a task as I could possibly select for a commencement, I did not think it prudent, however, to give too many Letters at first, and, accordingly, h a ebeen obliged in order to eke out a sufficient number of pages to reprint some of those trifles, which 11ad already appeared in the public journals. As in the battles of ancient times, the shades of the departed were sometimes seen among the combatants, so I thought I might remedy the thinness of my ranks, by conjuring up a few dead and forgotten ephemerons to fill them. xii Such are the motives and accidents, that. led to the present publication and as this ...

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