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When I looked at this series this book wasn't the first one to catch my eye.I actually wanted to read the second book in the series, Bedeviled Angel.I have a bit of a love affair with angels.Because of my series order OCD I had to read this one first.It was no big deal though, I love dragons too.After reading this one I can safely say that I won't be reading the next book.This author is way too silly and over the top for me.

I liked the beginning of the book.It was actually pretty cute.Because English was not Bastien's first language there were lots of hilarious conversations.He takes everything literally and frustrates (but also amuses) McKenna horribly.When being trained how to interact with people he was instructed to say "Okay" whenever he didn't understand anything.It turned out to be pretty funny.

I also thought Bastien's thoughts about the "bony females" following him around were cute.His inner thoughts and the terms he used were great.His little helper dragon, Jock, was adorable too.I loved his eagerness to pop smoke.Unfortunately my enjoyment of the book soon turned.

I found McKenna to be a little irritating.I do not like women with "hourglass figures" who have annoyingly false insecurities.Bastien was afraid to get naked in front of her, but his fear actually made sense.Also, I just didn't get McKenna.She wears shorts under her dresses because she works on a farm.Why not just wear shorts?Why wear a long dress when doing manual labor?Odd.She's really cutesy and irritating too.She's always referring to Bastien as "buster" and using juvenile replacements for curse words.It just made her seem very unnatural.

Even though I had some issues with it, I didn't actually start actively disliking it until around page 180.Bastien had a habit of referring to his penis as his "man lance" or his "dragon lance."It didn't seem odd coming from him though, it really worked for him.I have no clue why, during the first sex scene, McKenna continued the trend.Being a modern female used to the English language I would expect her to have a healthy grasp of the words used to describe sex and the body parts involved in it.I did not expect her to (in all seriousness) refer to his penis as a "dragon lance" and a "magickal jock-sock puppet."What?!?That was really the beginning of the end for me.

Everything started to get way too over the top from then on.Jokes that were funny in the beginning became tired and old.You can only use the same joke for so long before it seems like you're beating a dead horse.We know, McKenna's a real woman and all the other skinny bitches are poor creatures.I do have to admit it was funny when he got a tear in his eye after watching models on TV.

I got really ticked when Bastien's ability to sense McKenna's pain got used as soapbox trigger for how horrible life is for women.McKenna is down on any man who wants to have sex while she's on her period.Only Bastien, who would never "put her through such discomfort" really understands what it means to be a woman.Then they both lay around for three days babying each other with a heating pad.What?I know McKenna's her own boss, but if she tried to take three days off from a normal job because she was on her period, her butt would be fired.I just dislike books that use things like that to beat down men for not knowing how hard it is to be a woman.Get over it!


The prehensile penis thing was really weird for me.When Bastien first made comments about being nervous about not looking like other men I just assumed it would lead to him being abnormally large, which he was.There was another part when they're swimming where she thinks she gets touched by a snake.That just seemed to imply more of the same; he's clown-shoe large.Boy, I didn't know the half of it!His penis is shaped like a dragon tail.The head is referred to as a "spade."It has movable scales underneath the skin and it can move enough to grab things and wrap around her hand because it's eager.Very weird.

McKenna's friend, Lizzie, popping out three babies at home in a matter of minutes and then being right as rain seemed fantastical.Also, her family ghosts giving Bastien advice was kind of weird.They didn't strike me as cute or sweet, just an odd plot device.


Everything in this story seemed skimmed over and hunky dory two seconds later.Even the climax of the story and the ending were ho-hum and silly.It was a very light book with no real depth of plot or character at all.

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