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An Unlikely Hero - What happens when a kid who's been bullied all his life suddenly gets superpowers?
For years Lincoln has been tormented by Arnold Jester, the meanest kid in school. Arnold always seems to have something to prove and Lincoln just happens to be his favorite prey. It's bad enough that Lincoln is small for his age, spends too much of his time drawing comic books and let's his imagination run wild, but to make matters worse, he has to deal with Laney, the girl he likes, continually standing up for him in front of the whole school. He might as well paint a target on his own back.

But now it looks like things might be turning around. Recently, Lincoln has started developing special abilities and he has no idea why. He's stronger, faster and able to think much more quickly on his feet than he ever could before; almost as though he's turning into one of the superheroes he's spent most of his life daydreaming about. As he begins to enjoy the satisfaction of his new anti-bullying quest to stop being a victim, one thing becomes painfully obvious: Lincoln has no idea how to control his new superpowers.

As he searches for answers to who he is becoming and how to save himself from the gift he's been given, he slowly begins to realize that the one person who may hold all the pieces to his puzzle is the last person he'd ever suspect.

A Young Adult Mystery - An Inspiring Book on Bullying
In a world where bullying has grown from the school yard to cyberspace and our kids feel more overwhelmed than ever, almost unable to escape it even at home, Lincoln Nabb and the Bully's Father has inspired young adults, teens and parents who have struggled, or watched someone they care about struggle with bullying. Since its publication, this book on bullying has received reviews and praise about the inspirations it provided for its readers.

But Lincoln Nabb is Different from Other Books About Young Adult Superheroes
While the bullies in Lincoln's life direct his path as he starts to develop his mysterious superpowers, will the decisions he makes take him down a path of nobility, or will his new found feelings of power lead him to make choices that are just as bad as those he'd fighting against. What is it that's lead the bullies in his life to bully? And how will Lincoln respond when he realizes just where his new found superpowers come from.

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