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In an era of nasty political partisanship and vitriolic rhetoric, we might hope that followers of Jesus would stand above the fray. But Christians, by and large, don't distinguish themselves with a gracious politics—they play by the same rules as everyone else. How can believers find a better—a more faithful—citizenship for the 21st century?

Greg Garrett takes up this contentious and combustible issue in "Faithful Citizenship." In his celebrated, highly readable style, Garrett looks to key biblical texts as well as voices from Christian history, including St. Augustine, John Calvin, and America's Founding Fathers. Garrett challenges us to explore our political values and actions and models a more faithful approach to today's complex political world.

Chapters titles:

1. Love God, Love One Another: Toward a Christian Political Ethic
2. The Church and the State: The Two Cities
3. Unchristian Nation: American Christianity and Civil Religion
4. God’s Money, My Money, The Government’s Money?: Taxes, Rights, and Responsibilities
5. How Do We Know What Is Right? Choosing Life and Christian Love


"One of the most searching and honest of Christian writers today."

— Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury and author of "Tokens of Trust"

“Greg Garrett is both a gifted writer and a deeply thoughtful follower of Christ. Whenever I read his work, I find a rare and moving mix of honesty—sometimes painful honesty—and tested hope, each made more valuable by the other.”
— Brian D. McLaren, activist and author of "A New Kind of Christian," "A Generous Orthodoxy," and "Everything Must Change"

"We do, as the blessing/curse declares, live in interesting times. Fortunately, Greg Garrett is willing to engage the flummoxed faithful, helping us to navigate the challenging clash of religion and politics. As a man of faith who keeps a keen eye on politics, culture, and the church, Greg is just the person to assist us in finding our way toward becoming loving, informed, and yes, faithful 21st century Christian citizens."
— Lucy Hogan, Hugh Latimer Elderdice Professor of Preaching and Worship, Wesley Theological Seminary, and author of "Graceful Speech"

"Faithful Citizenship" is an incisive treatment of the uneasy but crucial relationship of religion and politics in the lives of American Christians. With well chosen examples and a crisp writing style, Garrett shows how religious integrity and political commitments must and can be part of a full orbed life of faith and a national milieu in which respectful dialogue trumps “distinctly un-Christian adversarial politics.” "Faithful Citizenship" would be equally appropriate for a course syllabus or a small group study. A series of reflection questions at the end of each chapter serve as helpful guides to individual readers or small groups.

— Alyce McKenzie, Le Van Professor of Preaching and Worship and Altshuler Distinguished Teaching Professor, Perkins School of Theology, SMU, and author of "Novel Preaching" and "The Parables for Today"

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