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When the crew of the Athens lays a string of communications buoys to the islands, the Peacekeepers reconnect with Hawaii. Evan and his crew discover the remnants of America’s, Hawaiian based, fleet that has survived the cataclysms leading up to the night of the quakes and the quakes themselves. What they found wasn’t very promising.

The nuclear carrier, Ronald Reagan, and the submarine, Houston, had been maintained to the best of their diminished crews’ capability, but neither was seaworthy. Evan must convince the men and women to return to the waters off the coast of the America mainland to defend the country against an imminent attack by a massive Chinese base ship. Compounding the peacekeeper captain’s problems is the fact that the sailors feel that they were abandoned by the government, which they felt wouldn’t have bothered to come for them at all, if they weren’t needed to defend the country.

The peacekeepers must find a way to get the disabled naval vessels back to American waters while simultaneously preparing to confront the biggest military threat they have ever faced.

As if those problems weren’t enough, the Colombian drug cartel’s assassins have finally decided it was time to begin their systematic approach to the slaughter of all those connected to the death of the drug lord, Diaz.

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