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JC Weatherby, author of "Evocronik," sends you on a provocative fever dream into the depths of your psyche and beyond... WELCOME TO THE OUTLAND HOTEL, A RESORT LOST SOULS FIND DIFFICULT TO LEAVE... A PLACE CONTROLLED BY AN UNSEEN MYSTERIOUS FORCE... A PLACE WHICH SEEMS TO COME TO LIFE ON ITS OWN... Jonathan Peabody, one time author, henpecked husband, and financially distressed father, arrives at the dark and mysterious Outland Hotel through a portal of vivid recurring sex dreams, suffering amnesia and carrying his prized copy of John Milton's "Paradise Lost." Jonathan confronts Blix, the Outland's aged and stern manager, who seems to have it in for him, and Mandolin, the androgynous bellman, who leads Jonathan to an oppressively hot room upstairs. Confused and disoriented, Jonathan finds his stay troubled by a talking cockroach, a giant wooden totem man who kidnaps Jonathan in his sleep, as well as a mysterious and shadowy figure dressed in a giant fur coat and top hat who haunts the hotel's byzantine corridors. As Jonathan stumbles comically through his unfolding nightmare, he encounters pieces of a mysterious life-or-death puzzle he must solve, and soon meets Jeoff, a fussy and obsessive hotel resident who takes Jonathan under wing, promising him an invitation to the hotel's exclusive and illustrious banquet. But Jonathan soon realizes Jeoff has ulterior motives as he successfully goads Jonathan into a party with a sadomasochistic floor show, an orgy with disembodied spirits, and a boxing death-match with the giant cigar smoking 'Mogul, ' all the while making sexual advances Jonathan is not sure he wants. Unexpectedly joined by his wife, Helen, and their two children, Jonathan feels hard pressed to explain what he is doing in this deranged hotel. He struggles desperately to reconcile the hotel's wantonness with his staid existence as a husband and father. Forced to find the answers on his own, Jonathan descends into the Outland's darkest reaches where he must solve the life-or-death puzzle, or condemn his himself and his family to remain forever in the Outland's sinister clutches. Book Categories: adult kindle books adult novels adult literary fiction fantasy erotika horror and suspense psychological thriller "Who you think you are won't survive. Who you really are, can't not survive. Deep down we are not individuals. We belong to each other because we are rooted in the same consciousness. Just start at this moment to live and enjoy and delight. Whatever you are, enjoy it. Delight in your being. Namaste! JC Weatherby" Find me on Flipboard Facebook Goodreads, and my website - Now scroll up, click the BUY button and start reading!

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