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Feiffer, Jules.LITTLE MURDERS.(1968).****.All the action in this play takes place in the New York apartment of the Newquists in the Upper West Side.Through the windows we hear the noises of the city:construction, traffic, helicopters, police sirens, fire engines, and the occasional gunshot.The main door to the apartment opens – which takes a considerable amount of time since there are two double locks – and in comes Marjorie Newquist.She is almost hidden behind two large shopping bags.She relocks the door and puts the bags down.She picks up a sponge to wipe the dining room table.It comes out black.All the noise from outside gets to her and she runs to close the window.After great effort, she finally gets it closed.To further reduce the noise level, she turns on the air conditioner, even though it is Winter.There are also power failures, telephone calls from unknown callers who don’t speak, but breathe heavily – the heavy breathing amplified for the benefit of the audience.The gun shots continue.Unknown and unwanted visitors knock at the door.Soon, the Newquist’s daughter, Patsy, comes to the apartment with her fiance in tow.He’s a little strange.He is constantly being attacked by muggers and beat up.He suspects that it’s because he is so big and represents a challenge to them.He doesn’t fight back.When attacked, he puts up no resistance.“They hit me for a couple of minutes, they see I’m not going to fall down, they get tired and they go away.”It is in this environment that Feiffer sets his play that tries to show how once civilized people react and adapt to the changing times that seemed to start with the Kennedy assassination.There have been three hundred and forty-five unsolved homicides so far this year in the city.The police are baffled.There must be some kind of conspiracy going on, but they don’t know what.People are arming themselves in self defense, but suddenly going on a rampage themselves when their minds are twisted by what they see around them.Is this what the new age brings?Recommended.

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