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Are vaccines likely to do more harm than good? — Overview: Opposition to childhood vaccinations is increasing / Mike Cronin — Yes : the risks of common vaccines often exceed their benefits — There are real dangers to vaccines / David Kupelian — Vaccines may be the cause of autism / Kelly Patricia O'Meara — Some parents feel they must lie to avoid vaccination of their children / Steve LeBlanc — Many scientific studies of vaccine safety are flawed / Robert F. Kennedy Jr. — The cervical cancer vaccine has not been proven safe or effective / Cathy Gulli, Lianne George, and John Intini — No : the risk of harm from common vaccines is extremely small — The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the risks / Aubrey Noelle Stimola — Giving multiple vaccines to children is safe / Centers for disease Control and Prevention — Anti-vaccine fanatics are free riders / Michael Fumento — Should routine vaccinations be mandatory? — Overview: Vaccination controversy centers on the right to choose / Logan Molyneux — Yes : vaccination should be mandatory in order to prevent the spread of disease — Meningitis vaccination should be mandatory for college dorm residents / Katie Strickland — All young girls should be vaccinated to prevent cervical cancer / Elizabeth M. Whelan — No : mandatory vaccination violates people's right to control their bodies — Making cervical cancer vaccination mandatory is bad medicine / Lucinda Marshall — The chickenpox vaccine is unnecessary and its safety is unproven / Andrew Schlafly — New Jersey's new childhood vaccine mandates are indefensible / Deirdre Imus — Compulsory vaccination eliminates normal checks on government power / Mark Blaxill and Barbara Loe Fisher — Push to mandate new vaccines comes from profit-driven industry / Evelyn Pringle — Does the threat of bioterrorism warrant mandatory vaccination? — Chapter preface — Yes : vaccination against biological weapons is essential to defense — Anthrax vaccine is necessary to protect services members / Stephanie L. Carl — High-risk situations justify government restrictions on liberty / Lawrence O. Gostin — No : unproven vaccines can cause harm and should not be forced on anyone — Service members should not be ordered to risk damage to their health / Bob Evans — Mandatory anthrax vaccination has caused many serious illnesses / Greg Gordon — Compulsory vaccination against bioterrorist attacks is unjustified / Tom Jefferson — What are some future uses for vaccines? — Chapter preface — Lives could be saved by more vaccination of adolescents and adults / Steve Baragona — Measles is a major cause of death among unvaccinated children in Africa / William J. Moss — Children infected with HIV need access to pneumonia vaccine / Orin Levine and Paul Zeitz — More women should be enrolled in HIV preventive vaccine trials / Edward Mills ... [et al.] — Experimental AIDS vaccines have not been successful / John Lauerman — A malaria vaccine is desperately needed in Africa / Michael Finkel — Vaccines are being developed to treat cancer / Michelle Meadows — New vaccines may help to stop smoking, drug use, and overeating / Ronald Kotulak.

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