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In his book, Eleanor Roosevelt - Defender of human rights and democracy, David Winner really got me interested in Eleanor’s life.I was very curious as to what happened in her life.This book was written to inform readers about Eleanor’s life.It told about her childhood and adolescence. And it told about her older years as well.I think that Winner’s purpose in writing this book was to show all the good Roosevelt has done in her life.He wanted to show that she was a strong independent woman. Since reading this book I have learned how to be more independent and do what I believe.
The main theme of this biography was to tell her story and let people have more of an understanding on her life.She was an iconic woman who did many things in her life people are thankful for.After all she was The First Lady of the USA.
Winner educated readers and helped them understand Eleanor’s life. Before I read this book I knew almost nothing about Eleanor Roosevelt.After reading it I know the struggles she has gone through and some of her proud moments and actions.
I thought this book was good at informing but it was kind of boring.I’m not really a fan of nonfiction anyways but usually I like biographies and learning about people’s lives.I also appreciated the pictures in the book and how they had captions to explain their meanings.The book was fairly short so it was easy to get through but I got bored with it after reading for some periods of time.Overall the book was good and it taught me things I never knew before reading it. I give this book 3 out of 5 stars.

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