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i have read worse books in my life— many, MANY worse books (A Prescription for Love, for one)... i have read stupider books, like stephen king's The Dark Half... i have read more irritating books, books that made me want to MURDER the author (miranda july's No One Belongs Here More Than YouStories)... and of course just plain silly, pointless, ineffectual commercial bullshit (ken follett's Code to Zero, for one unremarkable example)... but never before in my entire life have i read a book this BORING. this DULL, UNIMAGINATIVE, and POINTLESS. fine, you want to write a realistic novel... something could still happen in it... and if you didn't want anything to actually happen, you could maybe have a character who was interesting?? or perhaps a narrator with some thoughts??? or a discernible prose style??? a sense of beauty???? a sense of ugliness???? ...right???? there's just nothing.... no drama... no humor... no pathos... no interesting scenes.... no suspense...... no satire....... NOTHING. it's just a 300 page list of events..... very few of which seem to even be causally connected.... not to make it sound like this is some kind of experimental novel, because it isn't— far from it, this is probably the most pedestrian book i've ever read.... it doesn't go anywhere.... it never threatens to go anywhere.... GOD DAMN THIS BOOK SUCKS.

so... lesson learned: all brazilian authors are not machado de assis, clarice lispector, or joao guimaraes rosa. some of them are... i don't even know who to compare this to... it's like a really bad female hemingway with no sense of story.

traumatic. don't read this. it will make you unhappy.

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