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The spiritual condition of a man is determined by the degree to which he honors in his life the Priesthood which has been conferred upon him. It follows that the prosperity of the Church itself may be measured by the activity of the Priesthood bearers. When the men holding the Priesthood live up to the ideals of the Priesthood, the Church advances rapidly; when they falter in their duties the progress of the Church lags. Thus, a heavy responsibility rests upon the body of men who bear the Priesthood.Effective, intelligent Priesthood activity begins with a clear and ample knowledge of the nature of Priesthood and its place in the government of the Kingdom of God. This book, a comprehensive compilation of Priesthood information, has been prepared for the education of the great body of the Priesthood of the Church. It will profit all Church officials and quorum members to study it carefully, page by page, and then to use it for frequent reference To know one's duty is the first step towards performing it.

Yet, another thought: All worthy men may and do hold the Priesthood. There is no limited, specially-trained Priesthood class in the Church of Christ. From this vast body of Priesthood, now numbering hundreds of thousands are drawn all officers of the Church. Every Priesthood bearer may be called as needed, for an indefinite period, into official service. In fact, the majority of the men of the Church have had, have, or will have Church leadership responsibility. This practice makes it doubly desirable that every man be familiar with the order and practice of Church government. Be prepared!

This book has been compiled for the blessing of the Priesthood of God in these latter days. May it be so, through your faithful study and use of it. May you become strong in defense of the truth, and mighty in performance of your duties. Then the Lord of Heaven, whose servants you are, will shower His blessings upon you. May gladness and joy accompany your labors in the Priesthood.

Sincerely, your brother in the Gospel,


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