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"OUR kids' schools are different!"
"We send OUR kids to the public schools as 'missionaries.'"
"The Bible doesn't prohibit sending kids to the government schools."

This book, which can be read carefully in under two hours, examines the writings of the church fathers on the subject of educating children.This concept of sending our children away to be indoctrinated is NOT normative among Christians and from Christianity's earliest history doing so was considered dangerous and an abrogation of parental responsibility.

It is instructive to see how our earliest family members (for, the church is a family across time, culture and history) viewed the training of children in light of Jesus' teachings and how resolutely they warned against following a pagan form of education. . .the form churches now embrace and defend and offer up their children to.

While the opinions of extra-biblical writers are not binding the way Scripture is (which is NOT silent on the education of a child), it is useful to see that our default approach to discipling children has long been considered harmful and undesirable for believers. A survey of historical writings on the topic is always interesting to pursue on any topic and in this case it shows us that the sending out of children to secular "experts" hasn't always been the approach to education in the family of God.Should it be now?

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