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DISCLAIMER:This is a review from the child I was at least a decade ago.Bear that in mind...

This was one of the first fantasy-genre novels I can remember reading for myself.My parents had always made the Tolkien staples available to me, and I knew those stories so well that I didn't actually both to READ them until well into my late teens.Sure, there were plenty of Anne McCaffrey titles lying around the house, and there was a lot of talk about a man named Terry Brooks, but again, those stories came to me mostly through the interpretation of my parents.

When my mother brought this book home, especially for me — because "there's a map on the inside cover, I thought you'd be into it" — it was the first time I was really able to crawl off into a corner by myself and build the world up in my own head, from a direct, personal reading.It was a Monumental Happening.The characters and world of this novel stuck with me in perfect clarity for a long, long time and laid the foundation of what I look for in good fantasy fiction.Also, having a strong female hero to read about — at a time in my life long before I even realized that was an issue in the world — really made a lasting impression on me.

And, come on:Narrated by a cat!Can't go wrong there.

I will one day have to read this novel again, and form more of an adult opinion of it.But for now, I can say that I loved it then, that it pushed some of the major blocks of my thinking on genre literature into place, and that it inspired a whole new set of adventures in my young, plastic imagination.The strong central character here set a standard for me that I hope never fades from my mind.Every time I see the cover of this book, I'm reminded of what a good fantasy adventure should be; I think that deserves five stars.

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