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Unlike the introducer, I didn't think this book was a very interesting treatment of the subjects, certainly not nearly so much as Shelley's novels, for which he has some serious disdain.The plays feel like weak Shakespearean-homage interpretations of the stories.The plays incorporate songs with lyrics by Percy Shelley, of which Apollo's song is easily the best.Proserpine's song is one of the worst Percy Shelley poems I've ever read—it sounds very forced, almost deliberately bad, while Pan's song has a deliberately-bad feel to it that Proserpine's song lacks.I read Proserpine in a volume of the complete works of Mary Shelley I had out from the Indiana University Library when I did my graduate school interview eleven years ago.I had to return that volume before I could read Midas.Time hasn't really increased my appreciation of Proserpine, and Midas is only mildly charming.I enjoyed it more than the unfinished _The Pipes o' Pan_, by L. Frank Baum and George Scarborough, but those two were trying to appeal to a vaudeville audience as it was.Shelley's version is more high-minded, and does a decent job connected the ass ear and golden touch stories, but the blank verse still reads more like mock-Shakespeare than Mary Shelley, a style I should be able to recognize having now read all seven novels.Apart from the frequent quotations of Percy, it's hard to see any of that greatness here.Unlike the introducer, I liked Midas slightly better because more of the action occurs on stage, while Proserpine mostly includes a lot of summary of things happening off-stage.(Pluto never appears on stage, for example, but is represented by Aesculapius.)Prosperpine passes the Bechdel test and Midas doesn't, but even Bechdel admits that her test is not an overall assessment of quality.

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