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Two Years Later

It was two years ago that I started transforming my life from a fast-paced pursuit of the American Dream into something a little bit different, less comfortable and more risky.

In that time I’ve written a great deal about the logistics of long-term travel, serial-entrepreneurship, branding and the philosophies that have helped me achieve a degree of success in my pursuit of a life less ordinary, but I’ve hesitated to focus overmuch on the personal details that go with the stories I tell and the advice that I give. There are morals to the stories that I tell, but they are usually just one of many lessons that I take away from a given success, failure, or scrape with the unfamiliar.

As I’m about to leave Iceland — the fourth country I’ve lived in since selling or giving away everything I owned in Los Angeles and uprooting my life for a location independent lifestyle — it seems like the perfect time to share some of the other stories I’ve been collecting; the ones that I’ve kept to myself as personal reminders, life lessons, or special moments to recall when things are looking bleak.

Inside My Exile Lifestyle are stories about the downside of living a ‘rockstar lifestyle’ on the road, the difficulties of mini-relationships while traveling, and the last-minute opportunity that nearly derailed the project by offering me everything I had been aspiring to previously.

It’s an understatement to say that I’m incredibly uncomfortable sharing some of the details revealed in this book, but the experience has been a valuable one. Opening up in this way has given me the opportunity to review my choices and my lifestyle and granted me new insight into why I do what I do, and how I will operate in the future.

This is a document of my continued personal development, and I’m hoping that you’ll find insight, entertainment and encouragement in seeing my adventures and lifestyle from a different perspective than I’ve shown before.

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