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I'm never really sure why I like Fay Weldon so much, but I really do.(Pretty much everyone in my family feels the same way.)Her narrator-voice reminds us all the time that there are non-rich people in the world, and they're important too, but her books are mostly focused on the rich and beautiful and annoying anyway._Hearts and Lives_ is really scattered and weird pacing-wise, but somehow she makes it work.One of those if-you're-good-enough-you-can-break-the-rules things, I guess... But on the other hand, there's lots of inconsistencies, including a few real howlers of the characters-suddenly-on-the-wrong-continent kind, which make me think maybe she just really was sloppy and writing off the top of her head without much editing.But still, still, it works.I think it's the lightness of it.(Not in the 'light fiction' sense — trashy and unedifying — but, um, well, Italo Calvino has a list somewhere of the desiderata for writing: 'lightness, swiftness, visibility, multiplicity', and whatever he meant by that, I think that's what I mean.)

Or perhaps I like her for less lofty reasons, like the fact that she refers to people in their mid-thirties as young and talks a lot about how Beautiful People can get away with anything.(I'm one of those People With a Chip on Their Shoulder About Beautiful People.)But I'd like to think it's because she's actually a really good writer.

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