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The Book of Good Practices is a collection of the most powerful and effective methods, both modern and ancient, for learning the most fundamental and important human abilities, as verified by both traditional use and modern neurological and brain studies.

We have tried to select information that will provide significant skills of use to virtually everyone and of assistance in nearly all activities, such as increased resilience and energy, improved concentration and memory, more happiness, clearer goals, and better communication.

The Book of Good Practices helps provide you the means and methods to change your life as you see fit by using these techniques to help you determine what you want to change, and then create a plan of action to enable that change.
In general, we have tried to avoid jargon derived from specific traditions and attempted to keep historical and background information to a minimum, while striving to provide clear behavioral instructions for developing specific, concrete skills. This is a book about how to do things. We have tried to make it as difficult as possible for you to reject the material in this book out of prejudice against one tradition or another. If we have been successful, you will see that the only way truly to evaluate the practices in this book is to try them for yourself.

The EBook version of The Book of Good Practices is divided up into three volumes:
Volume I: Learning Mindfulness and Self-Awareness

Attention: Observances and Abstentions
Relaxation and Stretches
Metabolism and Fasting
Sense Withdrawal
Attention II – Mindfulness
Loving Kindness and Compassion Meditations
Appendix I – Suggested Programs of Study
Appendix II –Additional Resources
About the Authors

Volume II: Neurological Skills for Well-Being and Excellence

Changing Habits
Beliefs and Values
Decision Making and Goal Setting
Maintaining and Improving Brain Function
Hemispheric Exercises
Peripheral Vision
Pain Control Techniques
Learning and Mnemonic Techniques
Dreaming and Dream Work
Appendix I – Suggested Programs of Study
Appendix II –Additional Resources
About the Authors

Volume III: How to Empower Yourself and Influence Others

Sensory Processing
Trance and Trance Induction Methods
Sensory Processing II – Sensory Sub-Modalities
Sensory Processing III – Sensory Imagination
Sensory Processing IV – The Classical Elements and Subtle Energy
Language Patterns: Clear Thinking, Communication, and Trance
Sensory Acuity
Pacing and Rapport
Patterns for Change
Appendix I – Suggested Programs of Study
Appendix II –Additional Resources
About the Authors

The print version of The Book of Good Practices (available sometime in 2014) will be arranged with the chapters in a slightly different order and will be contained all in one volume.

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