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A very good introduction to both historical figure of Dracula and knowledge of vampirism. Contained a short biography of Bram Stoker, his work ,and its impact on popular culture. Studied by two experts who spends most of their lifetime professions for investigating the dark history of the man known for his cruelty as 'the Imparler'. Based on ancient manuscripts, folklores, and field study of Transylvania, those efforts come out of excited-reading, well-written text which brings, Vlad Tepes, Prince of Wallachia, or known as Dracular back to life, and also his struggle, politics, and context of fifteenth-centuried Eastern Europe threatened by Ottoman Turk and Roman Catholics. I think the most interesting part is about vampirism and its folk beliefs. It is almost shocked for knowing that killing victims by biting their throats and sucking blood is real event by hands of aristocrat families. I became aware of my limited historical knowledge and wanted to read more and more. This book is a good example of cultural history presenting you that there are always more interesting studied subjects than those presented by boring school textbooks.

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