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Great sermons of an essentially topical nature.Especially notable about Havner's preaching are 1) the fire in his belly and 2) his use of the English language.He plays with words to memorable effect.Illustrations are often humorous and to the point.One finds himself wanting to highlight most of each sermon.Some passages I highlighted ...

Don’t be ashamed of the old-time religion.There is nothing newer.We have a New Testament about a new and living way.We enter that way by new birth.We are new creatures with a new name and a new song, walking in newness of life, living by a new commandment, headed for a new heaven and a new earth and a new Jerusalem.And almost the last word of the New Testament in Revelation 21:5 is, ‘Behold, I make all things new.’No wonder the gospel is good news old time, new time, any time, all the time.God is not running an antique shop.(111)

Some of you are not as young as you used to be.But you can have some snow on the roof and still have a fire in the furnace to the glory of God.(150)

When I pastored a country church, a farmer didn’t like sermons I preached on hell.He said, “Preach about the meek and lowly Jesus.”
I said, “That’s where I got my information about hell.”(26)

There’s no regard for the law of God.I heard of a family on a picnic some time ago.When the boy stole a watermelon out of a patch nearby, his mother said, “Don’t you get another one.You don’t know what they’ve been sprayed with.”(31)

Now, you say, that’s old-fashioned.Yes, and so is the sun.But without it, men grope in darkness.So is air, but without it men gasp and die.So is water, and without it men go mad.How dependent we are on simple things in spite of all our gadgetry and technology.
You remember the power failure in New York.Millions of people sat in the great city just waiting for the sun to rise.(37)

You heard about the woman who said, “What are we coming to?Somebody broke into my house and stole all of my Holiday Inn towels!”(44)

I will not take my congregation for granted.A Sunday morning congregation is just about the most innocent looking aggregation on the face of the earth; but before I get through many a meeting, moral corruption has been confessed (often by church officers), corruption that nobody dreamed could possibly exist.(55-56)

Anybody can quit.The church is full of quitters.You know that.They sang in the choir for a few weeks, and then their feelings were hurt, and the nightingale became a raven croaking, “Nevermore.”Others come to church for months, and then golf becomes more important than God.(63)

The difference between Paderewski and just anybody pounding a piano is more than genius.It is devotion and love for the art; it is time and toil.The difference between the man who knows God and an ordinary Christian is just that—devotion and love, time and toil.It takes time to be holy.Yes, it takes more than that, more than most of us are willing to give.(66)

In the New Testament, Paul in a Roman prison understood the times better than all the wise men in the empire.(74)

Others are saved, but they are noun Christians when they need to be adjective Christians.Don’t forget that the word Christian is both a noun and an adjective.We need more Christian Christians.(75)

If love alone will take care of everything, why didn’t Paul begin his letter to the Corinthians with the thirteenth chapter?(76)

There has never been more superficial interest in religion than there is now.We’re living at a comfortable seventy-two degrees, and the Lord of the lampstands is saying, “Be boiling and repent.”(77)

Some of the churches down my way are putting in glass fronts.You can walk along the street and see what’s going on in church.It’s a bad time for glass fronts, though; not enough is going on inside.(78)

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