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The Quintessential Samurai is designed to allow players and Games Masters to bring the unique character of these ancient warriors into their campaigns. More than simply a fighter, the samurai plays a unique role within the campaign - he serves a lord and must work to further the ends of his master. The samurai is also bound by a code of honour, which is inflexible and demanding. Honour is a harsh taskmaster, forcing the samurai to hold himself to a standard of conduct many find too demanding. Though the sting of death is not as great in fantasy campaigns where life can be restored by the gods, many samurai find themselves unwilling to return from the land of the dead when they fail in life, preferring instead to remain far from the world - and their shame. Within the pages of this d20 sourcebook, players and Games Masters will find all the material they need to bring the legendary samurai into any campaign. Herein you'll find information on the context of the samurai lifestyle, the environment in which samurai thrive, and, of course, plenty of systems to govern the martial schools that give the samurai their renowned fighting skills.

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