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Hopkins is always at the height of his creative powers as a diarist rather than a novelist, the genius of his work being the gift he has to observe and record every element of life- and death- with detachment while powerfully conjuring the scenes he sees for the reader.

Whether describing the Sufi rituals of the Moroccan Sahara or the gatherings of the ex-pat luminaries of the Tangier arts scene, Hopkins is at his best when detailing with the activities of such disparate tribes.In Tangier, he paints a picture of a once-in-forever creative community that has developed by immaculate chance.Some of the greatest poignancy delivered in the book involves the awareness that this particular place of zeitgeist has already heard its death knell; key figures move on or expire and the community crumbles further.

Studded with vibrant stars like the night sky Hopkins sees on his pilgrimages of self into the Sahara, the book role calls Paul Bowles, William Burroughes, Timothy Leary, Lennon and McCartney, Tennessee Williams, Yves St Laurent, Barbara Hutton et al.It is difficult to marry the extravagance of some of the grander parties with the daily struggle for life that continues unabated outside their walls but is, none the less, a delicious insight in to life in literary Tangier.Hopkins' own struggles with his creativity and the questions of existence that are shared by many add beautifully to the mix.It is no surprise Hopkins spent time hanging around the bust of Samuel Pepys in a chaotic Tangier square three centuries after the Englishman visited.Like all great diarists, Hopkins has captured a time and place and offered it to eternity.

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