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This is the high-octane, no-holds-barred, true story of a bad guy turned good who busted open one of the most violent outlaw motorcycle gangs in history.

George Rowe's harrowing story offers not only a glimpse into the violent world of the motorcycle outlaw, but a gripping tale of self-sacrifice and human redemption that would be the stuff of great fiction – if it weren't all true. Rowe was a convicted felon, but when he witnessed the Vagos senselessly beat his friend over a pool game, everything changed.

Rowe decided to pay back his Southern California hometown for the sins of his past by taking down the gang that was terrorising it. He volunteered himself as an undercover informant for the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, becoming history's first private citizen to voluntarily infiltrate an outlaw motorcycle gang.

As 'Big George', a full-patched member of the Vagos, Rowe spent three brutal years juggling a double life – riding, fighting, and nearly dying alongside the brother who he secretly hoped to put away for good. The road to redemption was not an easy ride. Rowe lost everything: his family, his business, his home – even his identity.

To this day, under protection by the U.S. government, Rowe still looks over his shoulder, keeping watch for the brothers he put behind bars. They've vowed to search for him until the day they die.

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