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"A Binful of Garbage" was the review of this 1988 publication given by the British Jesuit, Philip Caraman. No wonder when the book'ssubtitle is "The Dark Side of the Papacy."

I was also taken with the book's dedication:

Humbly and with Penitence
All the Victims of the Holocaust

It would seem the author, Peter de Rosa, himself an ex-Jesuit,
has done what my novice-master had warned us against in 1965:
"It's a dirty bird that dirties its own nest."

Whistleblowers have never been popular and for an institution that one would expect to value Truth above all else, which claims to spread truth, to have one of its own, someone from its Inner Sanctum come out and say what ISN'T is a bit of a slap in the face.

Having myself been into the Inner Sanctum ,I can tell you the House is in Disorder.
And I remember vividly the day I chose to leave, my Catholic uncle exiting the room in a rage as I honestly began to answer the questions of my curious Auntie Pat
as to what really went on behind monastic walls.

The recent suicide,one of many over the years, of one of the
ex-religious, the day after revisiting with his wife and two children the monastery where he had spent a couple of years in his youth, not only shocked me, but made me also consider that it was quite a reasonable response to what we endured. Most of my memories of monastic days are happy and humorous, but there was certainly something rotten in the state of Denmark. I have never known so many people suffering from nervous breakdowns, needing psychiatric help, and finding solace in alcoholism during my 7 years inside. At the moment in my present life I can think of no one in those situations.

Binful of garbage, indeed!

I approach this book with curiosity and interest.

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