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The stereotypical characterizations of blacks and homosexuals, at least by contemporary standards, are hard to take, but the promiscuity, swearing and over-the-top violence in the hard-bitten "No Pockets in a Shroud" help make the book more palatable. The prejudice isn't particularly surprising for a novel published in 1937, but the rest is.

The book's biggest weakness, though, is its self-righteous main character Mike Dolan, who won't stop talking about how amoral everyone else is and how he's the only one who wants to do the right thing. "No Pockets in a Shroud" also isn't helped by Horace McCoy's reliance on dialog almost to the total exclusion of description as a narrative tool; characters end up telling each other things they would already know or the reader has learned just a couple pages before.

"No Pockets in a Shroud" isn't as popular or well-regarded as McCoy's excellent "They Shoot Horses, Don't They?" from 1935. (McCoy's novels had great titles, didn't they?) "No Pockets in a Shroud"'s relative lack of renown is for good reason, but it's still worth a read, especially for its then-relevant depiction of communist witch hunts as well as its shocking conclusion.

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