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Without this glorious, hilarious, and enlightening book, an entire generation of ten-year-olds might never have had access to detailed instructions on the mechanics of giving great head.

Cynthia Heimel is one of the rare authors whom it was not a crushing disappointment to meet. When my sister and I produced our much-loved copy of this (stolen, strangely-enough, from our stepdad-like figure, who'd explained he bought it when single in the eighties to keep informed about "what They were thinking") at a Cody's signing, CH screeched, "THAT old thing????!!" We were in high school by that time, and breathlessly thanked Ms. Heimel for introducing us to a brave and titillating new world we were far too young to read about when we first came across this around age nine or ten. She then graciously inscribed her masterpiece with an apology for "taking all our ideas."

A classy, classy broad, to whom I feel hugely indebted. Now that I think about it, Cynthia's Tips went a long way towards counteracting the harmful effects of Sylvia Plath's horrific sex description on my young mind. This book is a total scream, and in addition to its sex tips set up expectations for a fabulous life as a high-strung, writerly, single New Yorker which, to my great bafflement and annoyance, continues to elude me. Well, the high-strung and single in New York part I'm actually doing pretty well on, but somehow my own execution lacks a certain Heimelian flair. Though I blame the decade, actually, and not myself.

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