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Do you know the one time of the day when drinking water can hurt your weight loss?

If you're a mother, did you know are probably feeding your child rocket fuel and not even know it?

If you constantly "yo-yo" on diets, did you know you can keep the weight off simply by eating MORE (not fewer) calories?

These are just a few of the advanced weight loss secrets bestselling author and America's #1 Weight Loss Queen Jennifer Jolan reveals in this brand new book.

As you can guess, this isn't your typical weight loss info.

It's a word-for-word conversation Jennifer Jolan recently had with another weight loss expert about why the world keeps getting fatter even with there being more weight loss and nutritional information than ever before in world history.

Some of the secrets you'll learn in this book include:

* The popular diet food that turns into pure fat in your body!

* Why gaining weight rarely has anything to do with being lazy, overeating or not exercising.(Chances are, it has nothing to do with "you" at all!)

* The only time you should ever eat fruit if you want to lose weight.

* Why you and your family are almost certainly eating up to 75 different pesticides every day without even realizing it.

* The REAL reason why everyone's hormones are messed up. (And how it's keeping you fat!)

* The case against drinking water for weight loss! (This goes against almost everything you'll hear in the weight loss community, but it's grounded in biology and science, details inside.)

* How to know if your digestive system is keeping you from losing weight. (This is a great homemade "barometer" that will tell you the truth — no doctor's visit necessary.)

* A secret way to lose weight faster by eating MORE calories!

* Why people who live near airports are at more risk of being fat than those who aren't.

* The exact time of the day when your body naturally burns the most calories.

* The one thing you MUST do if you want to stay as lean as possible.

* How to end "yo-yo" dieting once and for all!

* And much, much more...

Bottom line?

Trying to lose weight in the modern world with conventional wisdom is hard.

And for a lot of people, pretty much impossible.

But after reading this book, and making a few (easy!) changes, you could find yourself losing more weight faster, easier and with less effort than ever before!

As a special bonus for getting this book today, you can also receive my best-selling book How to Lose Weight Spinning in a Circle Like Kids! 90,000 people have already read it and it sells for $20 online, but you can get it FREE with the purchase of this book today.

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