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This also includes #12.

“Really couldn’t have asked for a better conclusion to the Night of the Owls crossover event.“

Even though I’ve read much Batman over the years, he is still one of my favourite superheroes ever, with a definitive portrayal by Kevin Conroy as the voice-actor for him in Batman: The Animated Series. And then Scott Snyder came along, with his New 52-setting run on the great detective, and I was blown away once again. You see, Scott delivered 10 astoundingly great issues for the revamped main title series, with a story that speaks to the reader on so many levels.

Issue 11 marks the end of this event, alternatively also called the Court of Owls saga, and it is an issue that takes the best of what came before and then ups the ante. Both Batman and Bruce have to confront the worst of their past and their ties to Gotham of old. The revelations that came in issue 10 were simply huge and my expectations of issue 11 were naturally quite high in that regard. And Snyder delivers on that because he is a consistent writer who really knows how to get into the head of his characters, be they the protagonists or the antagonists. This was as much of a wordy script as any of the others but also just as thoroughly enjoyable. Snyder is a bad influence on me in that regard. This issue also marks the end of the 3-part prequel story of Jarvis Pennyworth, Alfred’s father and the Waynes’ butler before him. This story ends on a very tragic note, in comparison to the main script which was more upbeat in comparison. Written by Snyder along with James Tynion IV, this story made me feel really sorry for Alfred, at the opportunities he has unknowingly missed and what he lost with his father’s untimely death. The two writers have made this a right proper horror story and I loved and hated it in equal measure, the former because of how good it is and the latter because of where it leads the characters and the revelations of its own that the story offers.

Issue 12 is a mid-series issue as it takes in between the previous issues. The focus this time is not on Batman but on Harper Row, an orphan girl and a sewers engineering techie who lives in the Narrows with her brother Cullen. Life is hard for the two of them and Snyder captures that feel really well. Their frustration with their lives and Harper’s fascination with Batman is something that feels very realistic and is handled to perfection. As is her eventual disappointment with her life as the story doesn’t end on such a good note for her and her obsession with Batman. This was a great look into how some of the Gothamites see Batman, and how he can affect the lives of the most….. common of them. I hope that Harper and Cullen make a reappearance soon.

Art-wise, these were great issues. Greg Capullo is just too awesome for words here because his covers have been phenomenal so far. The phoenix-aspect of #11 is a great indicator of how the script goes, while the “I have the power” style of #12 captures a snapshot of the script, metaphorically speaking. Combine his excellent pencils for #11 with Jonathan Glapion’s inks and Fco Plascencia’s colours, and you have some of the best-drawn comics ever. For the panels in #12, there is a lot of team effort going on as it is a collaborations between Becky Cloonan, the first woman it seems to draw a main title Batman issue, and Andy Clarke. For their part, they have captured the different aspects of Harper’s life quite well, whether it is the colourful, vibrant atmosphere of her scenes with her brother or in the Wayne Mansion, or down in Gotham’s sewers network. Praiseworthy yes! And I should point out that Rafael Albuquerque did the art for the Jarvis Pennyworth backup story, and that it was just as awesome as Greg’s work on the issue.

Rating: 9.5/10

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