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From YEAR ZERO PUBLISHING By DONALD WELLS The Author of BLUE STEELE & THE CALIBER DETECTIVE AGENCY ********AVAILABLE NOW! THE THIRTY-NINE — A TAKEN! NOVEL****** TAKEN! Box Set - Books 7-12 ***** (TAKEN! 13 & 14 are now available!) TAKEN! 7 Jessica White and her husband are back in Georgia to spend time at the home of an old friend who is getting married. But when their friend's fiancee, Lena, goes missing, they become involved with not only the Russian mob, but also discover a plot to kill dozens of innocents. Jessica consoles their friend, George, as her husband once more defies the odds and helps Lena free herself from the bonds of her past while wrecking havoc on the streets of Atlanta. TAKEN! 8 Even as her husband battles personal demons, Jessica White must come to the aid of her sister, Gabby, who is undergoing a crisis of her own. While her husband is chomping at the bit to exact vengeance on the man who hurt Gabby, Jessica struggles to make him understand that not every battle is a physical one. However, once Gabby is on the road to recovery, her aggressor must be dealt with, and dealt with he is, in a most brutal and surprising manner. TAKEN! 9 Someone wants Jessica White dead and they'll stop at nothing to make that happen. After her husband thwarts the first attempt on her life, they discover who's behind the plot to kill her and realize that their enemy is an old one. With time running out, their adversary escalates the stakes and sends a team of men to kill her. But the doctor is not alone in this fight, she has a husband, a very capable and ruthless husband who will do whatever it takes to see his wife safe, and her enemies, dead. TAKEN! 10 Jessica White and her husband are in New York City, while taking part in a task force formed to catch a serial killer. When the case leads them to the doors of The Caliber Detective Agency, Jake Caliber, the legendary private detective, has surprising news for Jessica's husband, and gives them a clue that may lead to the whereabouts of his mysterious father. TAKEN! 11 Dr. White and her husband are in the northern California town of Bel Rey, tracking down a tip that may lead him to his father. However personal business becomes deadly business when the doctor's husband happens upon a group of drug smugglers and incurs their wrath. Now, the odds are five against one, and while the men chasing him are heavily armed, all he has to rely on are his wits. It's predators versus prey, and the loser gets death. TAKEN! 12 Agents Burke and Ramos finally reveal their true intentions, but when Jessica and her husband refuse to play ball, Burke and Ramos decide that they know too much and must be taken out. Easier said than done, however, Burke has a secret weapon, a man who may well be every bit as deadly as the doctor's husband.

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