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Wise. Factual. Often controversial. Not simply about how to survive your own gay life, but how to how survive your life as an adult man whose sexuality brings him to other men. Surviving when gays have become — often for marketing reasons — more publicly acknowledged as well as repressed. When many revered gay feelings, such as tenderness and openness to new ideas and people, are denied; even as wildly homoerotic images have become part of our media-saturated culture. How to Survive Your Own Gay Life explores this, but — more importantly, how to create rewarding relationships and a strengthening inner life.There has never been a book like this. One of the fortunate things about being gay is that it was written for you. But it's a book for every man. It's message is about getting in touch with the adult person inside you. The person that we all need to survive our lives — gay or not.

But if you are gay, this book is about your life. About "straight" relationships as well as gay ones. About the commercialized "gay world" of bars, etc. — that acts against adulthood, as well as the gay community at large, and how both affect you.

About important inner spiritual "gay work"; and the "gay tribe" that is our hidden support. About the crucial "mythos" of being gay — providing psychic patterning for gay men, and the strange history of gay "origins myths" and how these reflect society's obsession with same-sexuality.

Also some real "nuts-and-bolts" wisdom: about the joys and problems of gay marriages and friendships. About dealing with conflicts and crises — personal, professional, and financial. About surviving — and preventing — gaybashing. And about working your way throughthe late 20th Century's generalized environment of depression (our "Prozac nation") and coming out more alive, happier, and stronger.

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