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Several years ago just after my renewal of faith I felt the "urge" to fast. The urge kept repeating itself daily for a couple of weeks until I finally said, "Alright, alright, so I will fast, you need to know that I need medical and spiritual knowledge of this fasting so you neeed to show me. A couple of days later, I was at a friend's place. I went into the kitchen to talk to him. As I passed through the door my glance fell of the little table that was under the telephone ... the place where the telephone book usually rested. On that table this day was a little book called "God's Chosen Fast" Needless to say I asked to borow the book and having received the "ok", I promised to return it the next day. It proved to be a quick and easy read covering the questions of the medical and spiritual benefits and risks of fasting.

When I returened to my residence I retired to bed and before sleeping I read the whole book and promptly fell asleep.

When I awoke the next morning I decided to return the book. As I was walking along the street, I remember saying, "Ok, I'll start fasting to day. (Thinking I would enjoy a last meal before startin my fast) To my surprise the reply came back, "You already have". "How so ?", said I. "You did not eat last night" came the reply !

Form this point on I had the most interesting experience in fasting.

This book is excellent and a must read for anyone who seeks to know God's will regarding fasting ... I otta know ... I got it from Him Himself !!!! Happy reading


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