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I'm not sure how you convinced Goodreads to wipe the reviews from this book (although I intend to write them and complain about it). But you simply cannot walk away from what you've done and carry on as if nothing happened. You've NEVER acknowledged what you did directly nor have you apologized to any of the authors you stole from. And no, I don't accept your statement as an apology, since all you did was acknowledge that maybe there were some similarities in stories. You directly copied ENTIRE passages from me and several other authors in several different books. Nearly two chapters of my story wound up in Everything Changes. That's not an unfortunate coincidence and it doesn't happen by accident. You stole from us and you still haven't faced up to it. Instead, you've blocked all of us on all social media and refused to respond to the several cease and desist notifications you've been sent.

For anyone new to this issue, this blog did an excellent job of documenting the plagiarism in this book and many of Shey's other books.

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