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Frederick Larsen loves to collect bugs. He's always peeking under rock and turning over dirt looking for new and interesting specimens. The bigger, the better. On a class trip Freddie discovers a worm the length of a garden hose. He totally spazzes! It's the greatest discovery since sliced bread. He'll be totally famous. there's only one problem: This worm is huge—like in huge appetite. And Freddie is the tastiest looking appetizer on the menu.

What's for dessert?

Jason has a different problem. He smells. that is, everything he smells...smells. Like a stinkbug. Wait 'til he finds out what crawled up his nose!

And there's something just not right about the exterminators on Juno street. What—or who—is about to be exterminated?

From kid-eating earthworms to mutant roaches to armies of insects bent on revenge, each of these creepy tales is guaranteed to get under your skin.

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