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This translation is suspiciously comprehensible. Normally when I read (accurate) sanskrit translations they are quite difficult to parse. We probably have Kumārajīva to thank for that. (the guy who translated the sanskrit into Chinese fluidly, and since no complete sanskrit version survives Im assuming most english translations rely on the Chinese translation)

Its one of the better works of mystical literature Ive ever read. In the same vein as the Tao te Ching. Dont believe in the existence of the self, others, the universe, or Brahman, and also dont disbelieve in such things. Dont have a concept of belief. Dont filter reality through conceptual categories. Just observe/exist/be. Even these words aren't accurately conveying the message, because words are conceptual tools. This is only a figure of speech. Interpret nothing literally. Don't even try to parse the metaphor intellectually. Somehow, this makes you enlightened? IDK. I'm still waiting to get hit by the thunderbolt.

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