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REPRINT. Special Description Note- This is not a print on demand edition. Care has been taken to enhance and improve the original text whenever possible. Martino Publishing follows the standards of traditional printing and quality is a primary concern. We distinguish ourselves from Print on Demand by our quality controls, paper quality and binding quality. Tall Octavo.English Book 193 p. plates. Paris, Librairie Honoré Champion, 1916. The Tale of Sinuhe is a work of AncientEgyptian literature. It is a narrative set in the aftermath of the death of Pharaoh Amenemhat I, founder of the 12th dynasty of Egypt, in the early 20th century BC. It is likely that it was composed only shortly after this date, albeit the earliestextant manuscript is from the reign of Amenemhat III, c. 1800 BC. There is an ongoing debate among Egyptologists as to whether or not the tale is based on actual events involving an individual named Sinuhe, with the recent consensus being that it ismost likely a work of fiction. The tale is often considered the supreme achievement of Ancient Egyptian literature. It combines into a single, economically expressed narrative an extraordinary range of literary styles, and is also notable for its nuanced examination of the motivations of its central protagonist. The poem continually examines the reasons for Sinuhe's flight and his possible culpability for it, without reaching a conclusion. By placing an Egyptian character in a non-Egyptian (i.e. Asiatic) society, the poem also explores the nature of what it is to be an Egyptian, subtly questioning, without ultimately undermining the Egyptian assumption that life outside Egypt is meaningless. Gardiner's 1916 is still an important text onthe subject.

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