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What would it be like if you were able to avoid many objections/concerns that delay or prevent you closing the sale; and you could move more decisively towards achieving your revenue target?

This is a practical Guide that overview and gives detail about the techniques of objection handling:
• How to explore what the objection really is
• The questions andd techniques that help you maintain the selling conversation
• How to qualify and overcome the resistance
It will provide a structure to:
• Prevent you from letting the buyer off the hook
• Clarify if the buyer is making excuses to get rid of you
• Make the buyer define her real objection
• Help you to overcome objections with confidence
• Ensure you gain commitment and make sales more often
When selling you are helping your buyer reach decisions to purchase.
However, in every sale at various times you are confronted with the buyer saying "NO! I do not (or he thinks he does not) want your product or service".
The key to your continuing success at this point is being able to handle her objection, resistance or concern and turn the NO into a YES; or at least have the opportunity to continue the conversation in a positive way.
Most sales people do not have any difficulty in handling real (true) objections. They know the answers they need to give. What challenges them most is the ability to keep the conversation going long enough to get to the real (true) objection.
Knowing how to question and clarify to get back into the fact-finding or to progress the selling is what this Guide is truly focussed on.
It will give you a method to clarify and help to overcome most common objections. It will give you examples of questions to clarify, and objections that are industry-specific, which include:
• Advertising – Airtime – TV and Space sales
• Distributors
• Leisure
• Recruitment; Search and Selection
• Software
• Telecoms
• Training and IT training
• Travel
• Appointment making
The techniques can be applied to all industries with sufficient examples for you to develop your own questioning and clarification statements.
This Guide will not provide the answers to the real (true) and valid objection for your product or service. You should know the answers and the relevant benefits that apply to your own products/services. This Guide helps to identify or uncover the real concern; i.e. it gives you the means to get the buyer to clarify what her real (true) objection is so that you can deal with it, and continue selling.
In any sales context, being able to overcome resistance and re-start the conversation, re-question, clarify and qualify an opportunity when your buyers says "no" are key skills all sales people need to continually improve.
When you read and use this guide please do remember:
• Rapport is the key it has to be established and maintained throughout the sales cycle – no rapport – no sale!

• These techniques can be applied to both face-to-face selling situations and telephone selling and even when you have to answer questions over email, live chat or WebEx.
• It will help you discover, and have a structure to follow of how to turn any objection into a new line of discussion – how useful would that be?

Buy it now or in the future, only you will know when you are ready to improve your sales results.
Or maybe you will have the same experience as some of people who have already purchased this book in paperback… (From Amazon “A Practical Guide to the Art of Objection Handling” ISBN 0 951901

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