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If You Grew Up With Abraham Lincoln” is a pleasant surprise.This 1966 school book was free at a garage sale and isn’t about presidency but Abraham’s environment.Canada had similarities in food, weather, early structures, clothing, and geography.Ann McGovern elaborates upon our conceptualization of how daily pioneer life was.I was most struck by rudimentary clothes, classroom dynamics, and houses without windows or doors.

Abraham’s mother passed away and a new Mrs. Lincoln was stauncher about cracks being filled and mattresses deriving from something more civilized than corn silks.I was astonished that when Mr. Lincoln fashioned a door, hinges weren’t metal but leather.Their floor was earth, replaced by wood at her request.It appears that with an effort, it was possible for the ambitious to live less primitively.I’m aware even in my parents’ youth, many weren’t schooled to grade 12.In Abraham’s day, literacy was rare.Teachers were merely the most eligible adult and the school, one room, miles away.I knew all ages studied together, winter attendance highest because food harvesting came first.I’m shocked that writing and mathematics were learned with a charcoaled stick scribbling on a shovel, or drawing in the dirt.

It said volumes that Abraham’s writing was so neat, his townspeople asked him to do their letters.I knew post offices ran without stamps at first.I didn’t know people travelled by water wherever possible.There were tracks on the east coast, where North Americans settled first but trains and sizable towns trickled westward much later.Today it’s seldom that families do more than mend clothes.If they did, they’d buy thread and fabric.It is hard to imagine creating the basics ourselves.We buy completely finished products regularly.This lesson book was well done.I like it a lot.

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