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When I saw there was a sequel to The Outlaw Josey Wales (the Good Reads link doesn't seem to work, but it's on my "Westerns" shelf), I wondered why Clint Eastwood didn't film it.The original was a good sized hit, and the movie is now considered a cult classic.Then, about the mid way point, I saw a significant, unfilmable speed bump in what has to be one of the most violent rape scenes that I have run across in fiction.It's not gratuitous, it fits the context.And this is a novel of vengeance, so the stars get aligned in the end, but it is rough to read.

That long aside, or spoiler, or whatever, I feel is necessary if you want to pursue the Wales story some more.The novel also opens with a brutal scene that also is sexually sadistic, as a group of Rurales, led by a career driven maniac, invade The Lost Lady Saloon, which was Josey's in-town hang out at the end of the earlier novel. It's there some loyal friends get abused, and it's there that the Rurales end up on the list of a man with a remorseless Highland-Outlaw Code. And that's really what the book is about. The Code. It isn't just Josey's code, as he recognizes fellow travelers in a dying Mexican bandit, a stoic young Apache woman, and a seemingly lost gambler trying to find himself.

Carter is a complicated guy with a very controversial past. At one time he was a rabid racist and Klansman, but one who also wrote an award winning children's book.Somewhere along the line it seems he tried to reinvent himself (as a Cherokee!).He would die in a murky brawl with one of his sons. Some said he never changed.Maybe, but Josey Wales is not a racist story. If anything, it's the opposite, as Wales gathers the outcasts, the cripples, and the weak under his protection. The outlaw's guns seem firmly aimed at corruption and the arrogance of class and wealth. The Vengeance Trail is pulp, but also more than that. There's a rough genius to Carter, and I don't say that lightly. I wish he'd lived longer and given us more than two Josey Wales novels.

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