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If I could have custom-ordered a book on copywriting just for me, it would have been this book. It's clear and concise. It says what to do, how to do it, and why. It even has a bit of humor. I needed to get better at this quickly, and this book has given me a much-needed foundation.

p. 23 Ask customer—what keeps you awake at 3 am?

p. 28 Fear and greed—what are your customers frightened of, and what are they greedy for?

Identify a single reader and pretend you're having a conversation with just one person when you write your copy.

p. 39 Plan before writing.
What am I trying to achieve?
Who am I writing to and what do I know about him/her?
What do I want to say?
How much space do I have?
How do I want to come across?
How long do I have? (deadline to finish the piece)

—make notes/bullet points, doodle.

p.45 KFC — what do you want to reader to Know, Feel, Commit to?

p. 49 remember, you're selling the "why" behind the product, not the product itself

p. 50 show don't tell—"picture the scene..."

What will happen if they do what you want?
What won't happen if they do what you want?
What will happen if they don't do what you want?
What won't happen if they don't do what you want?

p. 52 AIDCA

Attention — Use a headline promising a benefit. If you can arouse curiosity and deliver news, too, bonus. Try starting with "how" or "now" if stuck.

Interest — How will your reader's life be improved if they do what you want? What's in it for them?
p. 58 FAB Talk about Features, Advantages, Benefits. Make sure it passes the "so what?" test.
NIB—Noble, Immediate, and Basic benefits. Be specific.

Desire — want is more crucial than need. Ideally, get both. Bring it to life and restrict the supply. More desire drivers, p. 65.

p. 65 Conviction — they've got to be convinced before they'll buy. Try testimonials, free samples, stats, press coverage, third-party endorsements, guarantee.

Action — Make a short, simple, direct, clear call to action. Make it a command ("order now" or "order by January 15")

p. 74 What works: staying focused on the reader, brevity, long copy, storytelling, asking open-ended questions, establishing rapport, fresh ideas. Ways for rapport: flatter them, say things like "as you know..."

p. 83 ways to stimulate creativity

p. 93 If tempted to hype with "exciting," "unique," "revolutionary," et al, ask yourself WHY you think that. Write it.

p. 103 power words ex. love, hate, sex, cash, risk, care, child, give, huge, chop, fizz, crash, best, worst, win, lose, burn. Use short, simple, punchy words.

p. 106 use verbs/action. -ment, -ance, -tion, -sion words are verbs turned to nouns. Turn them back.

Aim for a 3:1 (or greater) ratio of "you" to "I"

p. 122 Pay special attention to the last word in your sentence—it lingers in your reader's mind. Pick something you want lingering.

p. 124 explanation of moods

p. 146 Revision—Go big to small: Check against plan. Check for structure and unnecessary sections, paragraphs, words. Review for tone of voice, metaphors, fresh expression, style, punctuation. Proofread.

p. 149 Proofreading — check one thing at a time. spelling, grammar, punctuation, word choice, errant double spaces. Check one level at a time: headings, body text, captions, etc.

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